The container of mobility devices collected and sent by 7780 Rotarians has arrived in Nigeria and is being distributed to people in need.  Following is a note of thanks from a young woman who received a walker which is changing her life. "First, I thank Rotary for giving me a new vista of hope.  I'm 25 years old.  I never had a boyfriend even when my mates are already married.  I understand: Who would like a wife that slips her palms into flipflops and crawls around the apartment?

"That is why I won't use crutches anymore.  I'll use the walker.  I must learn how to use it so I can put my feet on the ground and stand and kiss my boyfriend like a woman.  I'll learn how to use it fast.  I don't plan to lose this boyfriend, at least not because I can't stand and talk with him in the house. Rotary, God give you a vista of hope for making me a human!"


These were the words of a polio survivor and college graduate who has never walked in her house.   She uses crutches outside and crawls indoors. Her greatest aspiration is to stand and kiss a boy friend. Just that! With the walker she received from Crutches 4 Africa, she's eagerly awaiting to kiss her boyfriend in a standing position. 

Clubs throughout this District continue to collect for Crutches 4 Africa.  Go to the International section to learn where you can deliver gently used crutches, canes, and walkers.