All clubs can turn on integration, it does not matter what software your club uses. The process for enabling integration is almost the same for all clubs. The only difference will be where you start. If your club does not use clubrunner, you will start on the district page. If your club uses Clubrunner, it is done through the club page.

Please be sure to read the note about how to use integration after turning it on. It's at the end of this article.

Why turn on integration?
  1. Why not? There is absolutely no downside to this.
  2. Member information updates need to be repeated less. Without rotary integration turned on, updates need to be done to the club, district, and RI databases. No matter the software being used by a club, this can be reduced to two, and for Clubrunner clubs, it only needs to be done once.
  3. Club information only needs to be updated on the club or district site, you no longer need to update RI (or the district if your club uses Clubrunner).
  4. Adding a new member only requires you to set up their club or district account, all information is automatically transmitted to RI.
  5. Member termination can be handled from the district or club site.
  6. If your members update their profile on the club site, it all transmits to RI and the district, saving your secretary work.
  7. If your a Clubrunner site, attendance reporting is done once on your club site. The system tallies required reports and sends the information when the secretary authorizes it.
  8. Club officer information is transmitted automatically to RI.

I've heard concerns about privacy as a reason why some have not turned integration on. The information transmitted can be the same information that your club secretary now sends to RI and the district, so there is not any change in privacy.  There are controls available on the integration setup page for what information is sent, so you can adjust it. It's just automated so it's easier.  
My club turned on integration in November of 2010 and there have been no problems with it.  This feature allows our secretary to update the club's information and then have the update automatically go to the district and Rotary International. As a result our secretary no longer needs to enter most updates on multiple sites, which makes his job easier. For a non-Clubrunner club, the update would be to the district site, and the information is pushed to RI.


If your club is interested in turning this on, but has questions, There is a video available.  You may also email me with questions, and I will respond as soon as possible. Clubrunner also has a help center available.

What doesn't get synced to RI?
The first restriction to mention is optional, this is the choice of member data.  This can occur at two levels, club choice and member choice. Club choice is set on the same Clubrunner page that is used to enable integration. It is the selections set up privacy. My recommendation would be to set these to share the most information possible, because the member can then control what they want to share. The second control point is set in the member profile under the privacy tab.  The member setting has the same controls as the club, however the member can not share what the club has blocked, hence my recommendation to make the club controls open.

As of March 2012 the following must still be set from Fortunately most change infrequently.

  1. The club permanent mailing address
  2. Rotaract club sponsorship
  3. Selection of receiving the official RI directory online or by CDROM (The club's URL syncs from the Clubrunner Club information page in this block)
  4. The partner organization. This is what you set to enable integration on
That's it, everything else is integrated and will be delivered from Clubrunner to

Membership id's
Once integration has been turned on it can take a while for all member numbers to synchronize. These are pushed from RI to clubrunner. In some instances it may not be possible to tell unambiguously what a members number is. In this case it will not push automatically, and you should manually enter them from your records. There is a "missing RI memebr id report" menu item that will report on missing member numbers. Check it after about a week.  The image below is from the district website, similar menu ites are available from the club version.

Club menu

After Integration is turned on
  1. STOP doing updates on the RI site, except for the few items noted above
  2. Start updating Clubrunner
  • If your club uses Club Wizard or a custom site, do your updates on the district site. This includes adding and terminating members, updating club meeting information, reporting attendance, listing club executives and directors.
  • If your club uses Clubrunner, all of your updates will be done on the club website.
  • The only exceptions are the four items listed under the "what Doesn't Get Synced" header above.

Why? Because synchronization updates are one way, done on the RI site do not sync to Clubrunner, but CLubrunner updates do Sync to RI. 

Clubrunner  Image!!!!!!!