Maintaining Club information

The club information page contains information fo rseveral purposes and supplies information for display on both the district and RI websites. This information is used for the club locators, meeting times, and club number.

The layout of the club information page is the same on both a Clubrunner club website and the district website. The use of this page will be described and applies to both.

Be sure to fill in the club website, even if your club uses Clubrunner.  The manual fill in field should be filled in with your Club specific domain name, e.g.

In the "club information" category are a few items that do not synchronize automatically with RI from the district site. For these items you will need to go to to update them. Fortunately, they should rarely change. These items are:
  • Club permanent mailing address
  • Club permanent telephone number (if any)
  • Club sponsorship of Rotoract clubs

5/2017: Page needs update to new Clubrunner release