Do not add committees before the current year "District Org. Chart" is copied over, it is easer to delete the unwanted items than to manually add everything in. Adding even a single org chart position or committee will make copying unavailable!!!!!
When adding a committee to the district site you will get the following menu first. (Make sure you are on the correct year)
Name: What ever name is desired, if it is a continuing committee ideally  should be the same as last years.
Director: If the committee will tie to a District officer or position, select that position here.
Private: Allow control of what shows on the home page. Private = not shown.
Associate to previous year: Check and make the connection if a previous incarnation of this committee exists.
Adding People
Once the committee has been added, we can define who is on the committee
Click on the committee name to start, then click on the "Add Member" button. and you will get:
1. Search for the name of the person
2. For multi-year appointments it is helpful to include the term e.g. "2017-2020 chair"
3. Check chair for the chairperson. For other members either of the other two choices depending on access permissions desired.