As of April 4, 2018
Welcome to the Rotary District 7780 Strategic Plan Website
The information contained on this site is a culmination of the work of many Rotarians over the past year who contributed their time to help make our first District 7780 Strategic Plan a reality.  This site is intended to be a resource for clubs and individual Rotarians, both within and outside our Rotary District.  The ideas and action steps included are both new and old, some that are in practice already in a few clubs, areas that need improvement, and others that we have never undertaken before. 
To the left you will find a useful Links tab with resources such as the Rotary International Strategic Plan, a strategic planning tool for clubs to use, and a link to the new Rotary Brand Center.  You can also find and print the plan in its entirety by clicking in the print button located on this page.
Our District’s strategic plan provides the framework for our future.  Our ability to achieve the goals outlined below will help ensure our place as a respected, dynamic organization in each of our communities. 
This strategic plan is divided into four sections.  For more background on the process we used, see the Overview and Approach links to the left. 
After assessing the Opportunities and Challenges facing District 7780, the District leadership identified four strategic priorities: 
Strategic Planning and Technology were areas that emerged during our planning process as necessary to support the goals and priorities. 
Three Vision and Planning sessions were held across the District to develop broad goals, with input from Rotarians who attended as well as those who completed a comprehensive survey.  Many ideas were shared and these were captured by the District Vision and Planning team.   These areas were chosen by the District Governor team in order to narrow and concentrate the plan and should by no means be construed as to diminish or undermine other important work in areas of service done by Rotarians throughout the District.  The driving factor in the plan is membership.
Once our top Goals and Strategies were identified and agreed upon, three teams of Rotarians met to discuss them and make recommendations for Implementation.   What follows is an Executive Summary of key areas of the plan.  Implementation will be carried out at the committee and club level.  Each committee will review the plan and formulate specific and measurable action steps to carry out the goals and strategies selected, working in concert with the District Governor team.
We aspire to be:
  • A District of 2000 members and 45 clubs.
  • A District led by strong district and club leaders working together to serve others.
  • A District with our clubs well known by the public for the good work they do.
  • A District that promotes inter-club collaboration and acts as a clearing house of ideas and best practices for our clubs, and that identifies, nurtures and shares our collective expertise and talent for the good of our organization and the people we serve.
  • A District that shares expertise and sets an example for clubs to engage in long range strategic planning and leadership development.
  • A District that better utilizes technology to help achieve the goals set for the District.
Strategic Plan Objectives
Increase and maintain Membership of the District at 2000 members with 45 Clubs.
Identify and develop strong District and Club leaders
Create and implement a Public Image and Awareness Plan, which improves visibility and recognition by the general public, to make clubs well known for the good work they do
Promote inter-club collaboration and act as a clearing house of ideas and best practices for clubs.  Identify, nurture and share collective expertise and talent for the good of the organization and the people we serve. The District will support and encourage Inter Club Collaboration so clubs can work together on similar projects and fundraisers, for networking and social events.
Share expertise to help clubs engage in long range strategic planning and leadership development.  The District and Clubs utilize a 3-5 year planning process to set and achieve long term goals
A district that better utilizes technology to help achieve the goals set for in the District
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