Reporting requirements according to the Rotary Code of Policies

All allegations of abuse or harassment shall be reported to RI within 72 hours of learning of the incident. Failure to report incidents to RI within 72 hours may result in suspension of the district's Rotary Youth Exchange certification. Where there is sufficient evidence that an individual, club, or district knowingly failed to report as required, the general secretary may determine whether and/or the extent to which involved parties may continue to be eligible to participate in Rotary's youth programs, or whether additional sanctions may be necessary, including but not limited to requiring the club to terminate an individual's membership.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about any of the policies, documents or forms, please contact the District 7780 Protection Officer.
Rotary is committed to fostering environments that are safe and positive for young people and free from discrimination and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
The District Protection Officer is also available to speak to your club on this important topic.