South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary has been presented the Significant Achievement Award.  The Rotary International award, which recognizes that service begins at home, acknowledges clubs that identify a local need and finds a way to address it.  Its purpose is to encourage clubs to find new and meaningful projects that address a local need, to promote awareness of exemplary club efforts, and enhance awareness of Rotary in the local community. This year, of the more than 32,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, 209 were selected to receive this high honor.  Though this was a great example of a fully engaged club, mention must be made of President Ellie Speh and Project Leader Tony Wagner.  Congratulations, South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotarians, for Engaging Rotary and making a difference in your community!





The City of South Portland determined that its parks in the winter were a significant local concern.  The SP-CE Rotary addressed the need by partnering with the city to establish a winter festival to introduce or encourage residents to a variety of winter activities, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and skating.  The centerpiece of the weekend was dedicating a permanent skating rink in one of the parks.  More than two-thirds of the club members were directly involved in the project.  Rotarians also involved local businesses, the town, and other community organizations in the effort, including Interact and the Lions.  The club raised more than $43,000 for the event, construction and maintenance of the rink.  Winterfest, which is anticipated to become an annual occurrence, is an example of how many organizations, ages, and interest groups can celebrate community together.  In addition, the completion of the ice rink and other outdoor winter opportunities will contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the residents.  This project assisted the city in transforming previously underutilized open spaces (parks) into safe activity areas during the long Maine winters.