More than 10 million people are affected in drought-stricken Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, including 3.7 million who are at risk of starvation, in the worst famine in the region in more than half a century. In response to the humanitarian crisis, the Rotary Foundation has established the Rotary Horn of Africa Famine and Refugee Relief Fund, which will support recovery projects in the affected areas.

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 An international committee of Rotarians close to the situation will oversee the fund.  They will identify the needs of the affected communities, manage the distribution of funds, oversee project implementation, report on projects, and ensure proper stewardship.  This approach is similar to the way the Foundation managed the South Asia fund after the 2004 tsunami as well as Japan 2011 Disaster Recovery Fund set up earlier this year.

Cash contributions designated for the Rotary Horn of Africa Famine and Refugee Relief Fund are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow and Major Donor recognition.  Donations will count toward club and District total contribution goals; however, contributions will not count toward Annual Program Fund goals.