Our Rotary Team Needs You
Have you ever thought about what happens in Rotary beyond your club?
Do you want to expand your knowledge about Rotary?
Did you know that there are Rotary Opportunities available on the “District Level”—right now?
Are you interested in learning more about the various roles in our District – including the one that may be right for you?
Do you have a specific passion in Rotary?
We all know that this is a volunteer organization – and by now you know Rotary is an AMAZING organization – improving the lives of millions of people – in your community and around the world – and you want to do more!
We would LOVE to talk to you about becoming more involved. Rotary District 7780 is a confederation of 39 great New Hampshire and Maine Rotary Clubs, including yours. We have the joy of working together, building services and friendships greater than any single Club. It’s the Magic of Rotary.
Please reach out to have a conversation with one or all of us! There is NO OBLIGATION.
Bob, Emma & Michele – your incoming “DG track”- are eager to chat with you today!
Here is our contact information:
Bob MacKenzie
District Governor Elect (2024-2025)– 207-468-2233 – rmackenzie@kennebunkmaine.us
Emma Bodwell
District Governor Nominee (2025-2026) – 207-595-1138 – ebodwell@icloud.com
Michele Bois-Gilbody
District Governor Nominee Designate (2026-2027) – 207-415-2157 – michele@bois-gilbody.com
Shoot any one of us a text or email or just call and let’s talk!
OR join us on Thursday March 28, 2024, on ZOOM – for our Virtual “Rotary Opportunity” Fair!!!
Thank you for your Rotary service!!!