Malaria Kills Nearly 500,000 Children Annually
By: PDG Claudia Frost, Member Wash RAG, Brunswick RC
Traveling as a Rotarian is exciting and gratifying. I have just returned from a two-week trip to Kenya where I worked with Rotarians Against Malaria, a global Rotary Action Group. Eighteen Rotarians from all over the US traveled by plane, bus and jeeps, in Northwest Kenya. The mission was to meet with other Rotarians, medical personnel, and community health workers, to better understand and work to overcome the spread of Malaria.
Nearly every minute, a child under five dies of malaria. In 2021, there were 247 million malaria cases globally, which led to 619,000 deaths. Of these deaths, 77 per cent were children under 5 years of age (that’s over 476,000 kids), mostly in Africa. I learned that the distribution of Insecticide Treated Bed Nets is the best way to slow down the spread of Malaria. A vaccine is recently available however both the cost of the drug and the fact that multiple shots are needed has slowed down this best treatment.
One of the most rewarding activities during the trip was delivering Buffalo Bicycles to the Community Health Promoters. (see photos) Along with the bikes, they received back packs, rain coats and gum boots as well as a bike lock and tire pump. We found that most Community Health Workers are not paid the stipend the government promised. Our gifts were very welcome!
We also provided “growable” shoes for all children at an orphanage. 
I remain a staunch supporter of Polio Plus as a member of the Polio Plus Society. I will continue to walk over bridges with my 7780 Rotary friends. But now, I will also advocate for the elimination of Malaria which kills instead of cripples.  
Rotarians from Colorado are raising money for a grant called WAKAM - Western Alliance of Kenya Against Malaria. Three of our District Clubs have pledged to this Global Grant -- Brunswick, Kittery and Portsmouth.
Please consider joining the RAM - global RAG. To do so, go to
I would be happy to speak at Rotary meetings throughout the District. You can reach me at