By:  Megan Keil, Member IPC, Dover RC
The District 7780 Indigenous Partnership Committee, in conjunction with the Upstander Project and the "Well-Wishers" Rotary Action Group for Mental Health, invite you to a virtual film screening of Bounty and a discussion around Recognizing Indigenous Resilience. The film Bounty is part of The Upstander Project’s Dawnland film series.  It reveals the hidden story of the Phips Proclamation, one of many scalp-bounty proclamations used to exterminate Native people in order to take their land in what is now New England. In the film, Penobscot parents and children resist erasure and commemorate survival by reading and reacting to the government-issued Phips Proclamation’s call for colonial settlers to hunt, scalp, and murder Penobscot people.  In the discussion portion, we will be joined by Maulian Bryant, Co-Director of and participant in the film and Penobscot Nation tribal ambassador, and Rotarian Kiley Wilkens-O'Brien, founder of "Well-Wishers" Rotary Action Group for Mental Health. This virtual session will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 9:30am ET. Register for the event by visiting This Link .