Thank you to all 7780 Rotarians who responded to our survey.
Responses will help us plan next Fall’s Recovery Conference. We had responses from over 23 clubs and your feedback will help us make decisions regarding content, format, and logistics. Rotarians are all about strengthening communities and making an impact. Designing a conference that meets your needs and will support your efforts to reduce stigma and promote mental health friendly spaces is our goal.
Survey responses included information concerning the level of understanding on such topics as Adverse Childhood Experiences, Recovery Friendly Workplace, and the Rotary Action Group for Mental Health. People also relayed their own comfort levels with and understanding of mental health challenges, substance use disorder, trauma informed practices, help for individuals in crisis, and support for people in recovery. Feedback concerning the timing, location and structure of the conference was also very much appreciated and the committee is committed to using the information from the survey to design a meaningful experience for participants.