President's Elect 2020-21 - Training Information
Thank you for agreeing to serve as your club's President for 2021-22. 
As we prepare for our journey together, my responsibility is to provide you with all the training you need to succeed.  To this end, the eight governors elect in the northeast have created a virtual President Elect Training Seminar (PETS).  Based on feedback from previous years, we have created a Pre-PETS program, to ensure all Presidents Elect entering PETS with the same level of knowledge.
PETS is required by Rotary International prior to serving as president of your club.  If you are unable to make our Northeast PETS, then we can arrange to have you join PETS at another district or multi-district PETS.  The Pre-PETS sessions will be recorded, so if you cannot attend at the scheduled time, you can take these trainings at your leisure, sometime before PETS.
Below is the schedule and outline of this training plan.
Tuesday 1/12/21 6:00-7:00 PM Pre-Pets Session 1 – Rotary international
Tuesday 1/19/21 6:00-7:00 PM Pre-Pets Session 2 – The District
Monday 1/25/20 6:30-8:00  Leadership Opens Opportunities Forum
Open to Presidents, Presidents Elect, Vice Presidents
Tuesday 2/2/21 6:00-7:00  PM Pre-Pets Session 3 – Being President
Tuesday 2/9/21 6:00-7:00  PM Pre-Pets Session 4 - Membership
President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)
Thursday 3/11/21 6:45-8:30 Opening Session with RI Zone Director and RI President Elect
This will be a webinar format and open to all Rotarians in the (8) Districts.
Friday 3/12/21 6:45-8:30 – Speakers followed by discussion groups
Saturday 3/13/21 6:45-8:30 – Speaker followed by discussion groups
Thursday 3/18/21 6:45-8:30 – Speaker followed by discussion groups
Friday 3/19/21 6:45-8:30 – Speaker, Panel Discussion followed by discussion groups
After the session, we are hosting a fun trivia night.
Saturday 3/20/21 6:45-8:30 PETS – Speaker followed by discussion groups