The information below is intended for Club Executives, using ANY club software. 
There are several tasks that need to be done for the upcoming year.
1. Update permissions on your Clubrunner site
If you don't use Clubrunner,skip this.
Login to the club or district website, go to the Active Member List. You will see a column to the right of their name with a number this is the current permission level. 
For each person needing to be changed, click on their name, go to the setting tab, click the edit button, and select a new setting. The recommended settings are
30 - Administrators (ideally at most 2 people)
40 - President
50 - Secretary, Treasurer, rest of board
60 - Whoever should be making edits to stories and other web page content
70 - regular members
In addition to increasing permissions, be sure to reduce the permission of those no longer needing elevated permissions.
2. Update your Executives and Directors table
If you don't use Clubrunner, this will be done on the district site. If your Club uses Clubrunner do it on your club website. This should be done as soon as the information is known, usually January. However you should check to insure it is complete.
This is needed for three things. First the information for several positions pushes to Rotary International and controls access there. Second it controls some access on the district site, and finally it helps tremendously with communications.
Details on updating this are here.
The remaining items are for Clubrunner features
3. Update your Committee information
The committee Management list can be a helpful way for members to know who is involved in each project. 
4. Get your members to update their information
Use the "Request Member Updates" feature to have the system automatically send members an email showing them their information and helping them correct it.
5. Check for bad email addresses
Under Communication in the menu bar go to "Manage Blocked Emails".
This will show your members for whom there are communications problems. Sometimes you'll need to get their new email and put it into the system. Other times their email got marked as from a spam account (especially true if the use the very hackable AOL or YAHOO email services). 
If you know their email is good, just unblock them.